Boise Goat milk is a SUPER FOOD…You should be drinking it daily

Properly handled goat milk is delicious and very similar in taste to whole cows milk

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*Milk bottle images are for marketing purposes only. Milk sold in labelled BPA Free Plastic Jugs.

Our products are based on high quality goat milk

Our mission at Ripple Ranch is to ripple out kindness, love and gratitude, to the world through people, animals and food. Come tour our ranch in Boise, Idaho and meet “the ladies,” and talk with global goat expert, Marc Warnke.

A Nutritional Powerhouse

Boise Goat Milk is one of the top sources of MCT’s (Medium-chain Triglycerides, C8 and C10) which are basically small “fat chains.” They are a quick energy source because of their rapid adsorption rate.

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Anti-inflammatory Properties

Raw Goat milk has profound anti-inflammatory properties due to its unique composition of nutrients and bioactive compounds.

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Super Food

Raw Goat milk is a “super food” and should be treated as such.  The nutrient density, live enzymes, MCT’s, and (perfect for humans) ratio of fat and proteins, along with it’s easy digestibility demand it in your diet if you are dedicated to eating “perfect” calories.

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$20.00 per gallon / month
$20.00 per gallon
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