Additional Info

Pick Up Instructions

You are welcome on the ranch anytime during daylight hours, to pick up your milk, once we have given you a ranch tour. If you haven’t had a ranch tour please schedule one with us by sending a text to 208 867 6675. Please take the milk from the bottom shelf in the freezer in the milk barn. We do it on the honor system so you can come up and get your milk anytime quickly and easily.  No need to contact us in advance and there is always someone here on the ranch to help you if you need anything.  You might just need to poke around to find someone as we are always working away.  Most customers subscribe to a monthly amount and just pick up once a month as the milk is frozen, keeping the milk fresh and most healthy on the day you thaw and drink it.  It comes in BPA free, 1 gallon milk jugs. 

Ranch Tour

We like getting to know our customers over a nice fresh glass of goat milk and I will share with you our ranch mission and philosophy.  I will also educate you on the health benefits of goat milk at that time.  Then I will introduce you to the goats, livestock guardian dogs and show you the milk barn where the magic happens.  We are also a help center for people with PTSD, trauma recovery and people looking to better themselves.  We have chickens, goats, horses, dogs, and cats. We also have a 15 person wood fired sauna, live creek cold plunge, meeting center and a Bed and Breakfast home for guests to stay.  Please just ask if you’d like to see it all.